Wayfinding signage is not just a signboard, but a way of life. These are directions that help a visitor to reach from one point to another. The wayfinding signages help people to navigate quickly and achieve their desired destinations.

You can easily see these at municipalities, museums, hospitals or theatres where they guide the visitors and help them reach their destination. Being able to locate the way and reach the desired point is one of the critical indications of being an oriented personality. People expect the same from business too as they must be able to guide their visitors through effective wayfinding signage. However, creating one is not as simple, as we think. It is only when you reach the right signage companies in Dubai that will lend you the confidence of guiding you and your client straight to the office.

Ambert Technologies LLC helps create way finding internal signs that not only take people to the destination but also create an impression that lasts for a lifetime.


  • Here are a few things that we have included in our wayfinding signs-
  • High-quality metals such as aluminum and stainless steel are used to create the signages
  • LED lights are installed for illumination so that even darkness doesn’t hinder you from reaching the goal
  • Laser cuts are extremely precise that enhance each letter individually and do not create confusion for the viewer.
  • Photos and videos are also included so that it becomes easier to find the route.
  • Different panels are coloured in various striking hues to paint a clear picture of the destination.
  • Arrows used to depict the direction are vast and bright.


At Ambert we strive to innovate on a daily basis, hence if you are looking for something ultramodern too, do visit us as we are ever ready for any experimentation.