Automotive digital signage solutions create a digital experience for the audience to have a personal interaction with a brand. It also promotes sales growth, engage customers and motivate the sales staff. The customer needs to be updated with the latest information in the automotive industry. Company branding and services could be easily projected with the use of a digital signage. It is actually a cost-effective tool which expands a brand. Eye-catching marketing campaigns with relevant content can attract a wider audience towards a brand. Nowadays most automotive dealers are using digital signage for promoting new car models to highlighting service departments to improve showroom experience.  Digital Signage for Automotive showrooms show in detail about a vehicle’s specifications and capabilities.

Key features of our product include:

Commercial-grade Display – These kinds of displays consist of durable hardware and they offer more inputs for external device connection & interoperability.

Easy to Use Software – Easy to use software is an integral component of a digital signage solution which keeps the audience at different levels informed and engaged.

Interoperability – Interoperability among hardware, software, and media players are ensured seeking out the most universal platforms to broadcast the digital displays.

Multi-screen Support – Multiple display screens enable different content to be displayed at different times.

Network Monitoring & Reporting – The overall performance of the Digital Signage for Vehicles could be evaluated by monitoring the network health.



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We at Ambert provide completely customizable automotive digital signage which ensures real-time information. Promotional content can be easily shown to the customer who enters an automotive showroom. Apart from it, customers could also be informed about the updates of their vehicle. The details regarding a vehicle along with detailed specifications, photos and videos can be shown to impress the potential customers. Ambert Industries being the top Signage companies in Dubai, provides the best automotive digital signage which act as a perfect marketing strategy for brand positioning. One could prepare their customers for the next purchase using a beautiful and attractive digital signage. Moreover digital displays could create a positive image of professionalism which matters in the field