Pylon Outdoor signage are huge signboards that can easily attract a passerby’s attention. These are situated at a considerable height to draw the attention of people. Pylons inform the people about the business even if they are not looking for it. A pylon if amalgamated with unique ideas, will bring limitless possibilities of advertising. For ex. A restaurant digital signage that is visible from a long distance will attract more customers.

Pylons signs, due to their ability to attract a motorist have vast chances of advertising a brand in the right manner so that it sticks with the viewer. This is the crucial reason why a professional external signage companies in UAE is needed to accomplish the feat.

Ambert Technologies LLC has experience and immensely talented professionals who can create pylon signs that will command attention. We conduct every aspect of signage in-house, be it designing, structuring or installing.

Here are the various forms of pylon signs that can be availed with us.

  • Single pole mount pylon signs- the ones that stand firm on one pole.
  • Double pole mount pylon signs- these stand safe with the help of two poles.
  • Covered pole pylon signs- the ones that have endless possibilities with more area since there is no visible pole.

All of these are customizable according to the needs of our clients. Few exquisite modifications that we have already handled in outdoor digital signage are-

  • Options of using numerous colours and finishes
  • Single and double-faced
  • Ones with or without LED illumination
  • Changeable panels to maintain novelty
  • Plentiful shapes, i.e. square, round, rectangular etc.
  • Permanent and non-permanent graphics

Additionally, we innovate with each client and create signage that suits your business type and strikes the right cord with them.


Flex face signage is the introduction of your business to the world. It is an outdoor signage system that is used for retail outlets or other large customer-facing arenas. So, the external signage companies, UAE need to make catchy enough so that it can command the customer’s attention.

The name ‘flex face’ is derived from the fact that a flexible PVC banner is used at the front of the sign. The usage of PVC can create a scope to broaden the content of signboard. The larger print remains seamless and is adept in grasping attention even from a considerable distance.

What can the Ambert Technologies LLC. offer?

Ambert Outdoor signage Dubai aims to be the leading signage companies, UAE by lending the best in class service to its customers.

. When it comes to flex face signage, we have both illuminated and non-illuminated choices.

  • Illuminated flex face signage- These are the ones with extra depth so that the lighting materials can also be installed. The illuminated signboards make your business stand out in the crowd as they are noticeable to the public even in the darkest nights.
  • Non-illuminated flex face signage- These are slim with just the cover and clip-on. They take very little space and can be installed straight on walls.

Ambert Technologies presents a range of flex face signage solutions that can be customized according to your needs. The key benefits of believing in us are-

  • Robust signboards that are extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • Water and dirt-resistant signboards
  • Changeable according to the evolution of your business
  • Shape into the designs that feature the firm’s soul
  • Create the sizes you want, be it gigantic or the tiniest version.
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated according to your whim.

Trust us with your external signage needs.


Rooftop signage is the medium of declaring the existence and excellence of your brand to the world. Witnessing a huge rooftop signboard is a reality to all commuters, and in this massive world of competition, your signboard must be out of the ordinary.

The impact of rooftop signboard is invaluable, but the first criterion is to recruit leading signage companies UAE to accomplish the task. Ambert Technologies LLC. offers a range of rooftop signages that can prove as path-breakers for your brand and make people aware of it.

Ambert style rooftop signages-

  • LED giant screens with high brightness for visibility. It has sealed modules and maintenance can be done from front and back portions. This acts as an advantage as these can be installed in a slim surface such as a wall. We also make sure that these are waterproof and hence last longer.
  • The UV rays survivors are strong rooftop signages that withstand all kinds of climate extremities, be it strong wind, snow, torrential downpour, or the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The wide range of pixel pitches is designed for high definition digital marketing.
  • The full colour LED colour display that is lightweight, energy-efficient and can be mounted on any surface and is visible from a massive distance.
  • Mesh LED panels are another rooftop signage solution that are low cost, energy-efficient, sustainable and highly durable. It is lightweight and easy to install in tiniest space. The panels do not obstruct the view for people inside the building while provides a clear view to the commuters. Moreover, light and air can pass through the panels that add to its robust nature.

The leverage that our customers get is that Ambert is ever ready to design the signage according to your ideas.


With the increasing volume of on-road vehicles and escalation of accident levels, it has become necessary to plant the traffic signs. However, it may not be mandatory for every person who passes by to notice the signal. Hence this kind of signs do not serve the actual purpose and only seem to be a bogus installation. Here is why you need an external signage company in Dubai, UAE, for the rescue.

What can Ambert Industries LLC. offer?

We at Ambert Industries LLC. understand the worth of traffic signs and work to create the ones that can command every attention. We know the kinds of signs and the effect that different colours have on any individual just as red is conditioned to be the sign of danger.


Push through signs, as the name suggests are the letters that barge through the solid surface to shine and garner every gaze. These are designed in such manner that the letters and the logo of your company stand out. There are numerous styles of push through signs, and we have a team of professionals who can handle outdoor digital signage with ease.

What can Ambert Industries LLC. offer?

We, as the leading Signboard company in Dubai UAE can create push through signs that will strike every person who glances on it. The name of your firm is going to etch on their minds for years to come.

Usage of LED lights in these signboards is an added benefit, and we can work on the colour scheme to make the signage even more attractive.


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Ambert Industries LLC is a renowned group that handles advertisement and signage board in UAE. We specialise in all kinds of signage needs of our clients. Our capability of designing and executing internal, external, retail and digital signage is due to the team of signage professionals in Dubai, UAE. Ambert Industries llc is the leading signage companies in Dubai, UAE due to our vision of creating artistic designs that are also affordable and sustainable.

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