Sanitization gate / entrance

A simple but innovative step taken to control the pandemic. We at Ambert care for the safety of the society. We shall overcome this serious global situation with the implementation of health and safety products like disinfectant entrance gate where customers could be sanitized with virucide spray. Sanitary and decontamination Gates works as a protection method for those who are at risk.


  • Ready Box roof cover
  • Contains integrated hydraulic system
  • Fast assembly
  • Foundation-free
  • Space saving
  • Permanent or temporary installation
  • Linked to existing structures
  • Easy sanitization of people, goods, vehicles and materials
sanitization gate

Face shield for Covid 19

face shield

Taking preventive measures just eliminates the necessity of curing. A face shield can act as your personal protective equipment (PPE) shielding you from dangerously active viruses. Experience an additional protection with flaps that fold under the neck and over the forehead with just a single piece of plastic.


  • Made from polycarbonate and polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) materials
  • Disposable and low cost
  • Can be folded into a 3D form
  • Practical enough
  • Lightweight material
  • Comfortable to use

Transparent shields for cash counters

Feel safer every time a customer visit a store and interact with the cashier. Retail stores can put up transparent shields for cash counters which protects the cashiers as well as customers from infections. Serve the public taking a safe step ahead. Social distancing is made possible within your store with the implementation of transparent shields.


  • Work against airborne viruses
  • Can be kept temporary or permanent
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Minimizes personal contact between cashiers and customers
  • Crystal clear acrylic construction
  • Easy to wipe clean and sanitize
  • Convenient for grocery stores, banks, hotels, pharmacies, etc
  • No metal surfaces are used
  • Rounded corners and edges
transparent shields

Hand Touch Free Foot Operated Sanitizer Stand

transparent shields

  • More Comfortable
  • Made Of Full Metal
  • Free Standing
  • Foot Operated
  • Prevents People Touching
  • Easy To Operate With Any Size Of Sanitizer Bottle
    • Height: 120cm/47.2″
    • Base Size: 48cm/18.89″
    • Tube Size: 25 x 25mm


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