Creative 3D Signage Designs To Promote Your Business

Signages are the basics of marketing. You market and amplify your business with the help of these old school technics. Though the tactic is old, you do not need to choose the traditional route and go by two-dimensional signboards that garner negligible attention. Signboard Dubai promises to deliver more than what is asked for through the colorful and vibrant 3D signs. However, the designs are so many in this genre that customers are impressed and are unable to choose.

Here are the few finest gems that make creative 3D signage designs.


3D signage lettering

Lettering is how you express your business to customers. Having the name of your joint in 3D makes it attractive and readable. We help our clients to create stunning 3D signages using multiple techniques.

They can be broadly classified into :

  • Illuminated 3D signages – The 3D letters with a lighting effect for both day and night visibility used at the store-front is illuminated 3D signs.
  • Non-illuminated 3D signages – These lacks in lighting but the writing is distinct and easily visible. Most of these are used inside the store.


Materials used for 3D signs

The materials used for a 3D signage designs by signboard Dubai are quintessential in determining its effect. The materials used can be categorized into plastic, metal and foam.


Acrylic – 3D signages – use acrylic since it is a highly durable, waterproof, weather-resistant material. It can be cut in the desired shape. Most of the signage companies prefer acrylic to be the best choice for outdoor signages.

PVC – The most prominent pro of using PVC is that it is lightweight and durable. Apart from that it being affordable ticks another box. We use PVC 3D signage both indoors and outdoors as per client requirements. Along with creating attractive letters, it is also useful to develop logos and lend a hand in branding.

Vinyl – Signboard Dubai invests in vinyl lettering as they are affordable and can be perfectly aligned during installation. They can be cut in the desired letters. Though it works for all signages vinyl lettering is extensively used on doors and windows of stores.

 Metal 3D signages

Signboard Dubai uses metals for 3D signs as they render a classy look to the design. Aluminium, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, titanium etc. are the most commonly used metals for 3D signages. They can be painted, brushed or polished for a neat and attractive look.

Aluminium – It is a sturdy material and inexpensive too when compared to other metals. So, a lot of experimentation with color and shade is possible when using aluminium for 3D signages.

Brass and bronze  – Both brass and bonze have the same qualities, hence are used alternatively by signboard Dubai. The sophistication and class these metals render to your signage is unachievable by any other.

Stainless steel – It anti-rust property gives stainless steel an edge over other metals. It provides a modern look to the signboard; hence most of the millennial joints prefer steel as their lettering for 3D signages.

Copper Copper needs regular polishing. However, it imparts an attractive metallic sheen under proper maintenance. Some of those from signboard Dubai also prefer to leave it unattended and let the oxidation create its greenish tinge.

 High-density urethane (HDU) foam

Another highly popular lettering style is that of high-density Urethane (HDU) foam. It is durable, waterproof, lightweight, environment-friendly, and affordable and can be cut into custom shapes. Due to all of these properties, HDU foam is a popular choice for indoor signages. A major highlight of using this material is that it can resemble even wood through proper texturing, hence it is also used as a cost-effective substitute.

Wood – Using wood for 3D signages gives a rustic look to the store. Though any wood can be used, it is advisable by signboard Dubai to choose the weather-resistant ones such as rosewood or cedar.

The massive growth of Digital signages for business doesn’t make a quick stop. They can effectively add laminates, create different lighting angles and work with multiple scenarios to develop an intense and aesthetic 3D appearances for your shops.

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