This era is of dimensions. People are steering clear of the posters with LED digital signages. So it is necessary to pair these with complimentary letters. 3D solid acrylic letters are the most suitable to enhance the advertising niche of an enterprise. These three-dimensional works of art stand apart in the crowd and are more noticeable to the masses. The trend of 3D solid acrylic letters has been ruling for a while in the signboard industry, Dubai, and it is high time that every firm that aims for success do try it.

Ambert Technologies LLC. provides 3D signage in Dubai. We are adept in creating 3D solid acrylic letters in innumerable variations to suit the needs of our customer.

Creating a letter through us will have the following benefits-

  • Customized solid acrylic letters to each client
  • Available in variable units: single or however the client needs
  • Available in miscellaneous fonts; handwriting, serif or sans-serif
  • Low power consumption hence easy on bills
  • Need no maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Optimum illumination even in the sneakiest corner
  • High-quality materials used for the purpose

Ambert creates 3D solid acrylic letters for various 3D signboard in Dubai. We create 3D signage that can be illuminated from multiple angles. Be it front-lit, side-lit, back-lit or glow from two or more panels. The area of mounting, view and our customers wish are the base of our creations.

We can mount the letters on the following mediums according to the convenience and view.

  • 3d solid acrylic letter on a wall
  • On aluminium composite panel (ACP)
  • Letters with aluminium casing on the wall
  • Stencil cut LED letters in ACP
  • Letters with black vinyl on front
  • 3d solid acrylic letters with aluminium casing in front

Numerous other methods of mounting too are available will be conducted according to circumstances.


Stainless steel has a class of its own. Using this elegant metals in signboards can elevate the impact that it renders. Moreover, stainless steel is corrosion resistant and will withstand any natural calamity. It would be an added benefit if the stainless steel letters also turn out to be 3D. The 3D stainless steel letters used for 3D signage in Dubai are delivered with two kinds of finishes, i.e. the brush finish and the mirror finish.

  • Brush finish- This kind is also called a dull finish because it doesn’t have any reflection. It consists of unidirectional lines that are created with grit belt. The stainless steel letters look classy with a brushed finish.
  • Mirror finish- The stainless steel that is mirror finished is smooth and shiny on the surface. There is a significant reflection in the mirror finish 3D stainless steel letters.

We, as the team of professionals at Ambert Technologies LLC, a signboard company in Dubai, can create both the kind of letters. We also take care to deliver them with high-quality materials and the following features-

  • the high-quality material used that is either 304 grade or 316-grade stainless steel
  • Sizes are customizable according to the client’s requirement, be it the smallest or slimmest
  • the finest soldering is done
  • Our products are incredibly durable due to the quality

The 3d stainless steel letters created by us speak elegance and can be installed virtually anywhere. These blend in with any of the signboard, Dubai. Be it restaurant signage or a five-star hotel the 3D stainless steel letters prove equally beneficial for all the joints. These can be used vividly for both indoor and outdoor 3D signboards in Dubai.


Aluminum is termed as a cost-effective mode of advertising. 3D Aluminum letters too were introduced in the signboard, Dubai industry to create a durable and attractive signage material that is also low at budget. These are visible from a significant distance and create an image of poshness that brands your business. The impression of a class is levied by higher return on investment as in the case of aluminum, the clients do not spend much but do receive a lot of advertising.

Ambert Technologies LLC. is capable of providing its clients with the finest quality of aluminum so that the results too are optimum at reasonable prices. Here are a few characteristics of 3D aluminum letters that Ambert Technology LLC. offers to its esteemed clients:

  • Letters are either front-lit or back-lit since the sides are painted.
  • Minimum depth is maintained in each letter
  • Aluminum can be colourful at Ambert, as we provide the hues with LED’s.
  • 3D Aluminum letters are made one-time at Ambert, and they last for a lifetime.
  • Each customer receives signage that is unique from another since we conduct polishing, anodising and proper finishing of letters for an enhanced look.
  • The finest quality aluminum that we use is corrosion-resistant, dust-resistant and can stand the test of time while retaining their original lustre.

Ambert Technologies LLC. is capable of creating 3D aluminum letters that not only look captivating but are also durable. Here are the qualities that our 3D signboard in Dubai is capable of achieving:

  • It renders a professional look that impresses the onlookers
  • The signage becomes more noticeable and draws immense attention.
  • 3D Aluminum letters lend value to the existing signage

The added dimension is capable of grabbing more attention than earlier.


Brass 3D letters cater to an appealing aesthetics. Betting on these for your signage needs can be a wise decision. As brass is a hard metal that is also corrosion-free, these 3D brass letters will stay on for an extended period without being tampered by the intense rainfall or heavy winds.

Ambert Industries LLC. is a signboard company in Dubai that can create beautiful 3D letters in brass to elevate the retail signage of your space. The crucial points that should be kept in mind during the making of these letters are ‘polish’ and ‘finish’. We make sure to lend a smooth finish by employing the best professionals and also use A-class materials. The seamless sheen and shine that are evident at the time of installation will be there even after ages.


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Ambert Industries LLC is a renowned group that handles advertisement and signage board in UAE. We specialise in all kinds of signage needs of our clients. Our capability of designing and executing internal, external, retail and digital signage is due to the team of signage professionals in Dubai, UAE. Ambert Industries llc is the leading signage companies in Dubai, UAE due to our vision of creating artistic designs that are also affordable and sustainable.

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