ACM can be elaborated as Aluminum composite material that is used to protect the buildings from the forces of nature. It is used for both internal and external architectural cladding purposes. The ACM structure mainly consists of two aluminum panels attached to a non-aluminum core.

ACM is generously used in interiors too along with being an integral part of the exterior architecture. They are used for false ceilings, partitions, machine coverings, container construction and even signage.

Creating an ACM wall in your building can provide the following benefits-

Thermal resistance- The ACM panels maintain the temperature and ensure that your building doesn’t face the wrath of sun and

Insulation- Since there are two panels in the process, it creates insulation that protects the building from both heat and cold.

Added strength- Aluminum is a durable and robust material, hence adding it to the buildings will render the same properties there too.

Improve appearance– Creating a wall with ACM can improve the presence of the building due to its smooth finish. Moreover, it can also be coloured in various hues.

Ambert Technologies LLC. as a leading signage company in Dubai, also helps in creating aluminum walls along with the extraordinary signages. We use top-class materials for this so that it serves the purpose of its installation. Here is why using aluminum is the wisest choice.

Durable- Aluminum is corrosion-resistant and can withstand a torrential downpour or even high heat without fading; hence, you do not need to repaint or alter the cladding repeatedly.

Cost-effective- Aluminum is a cost-effective alternative to other materials. However, it being at a low price doesn’t hamper its efficiency.

Lightweight- The aluminum panels being lightweight is easier to transport and work with.

We provide ACM in various forms. Contact us for all your ACM cladding needs.


Ambert Technologies LLC. creates highly durable signages that can withstand calamities. However, proper maintenance and care are needed to reap the benefits and enhance their life. There is no need for apprehensions since we can also do that for you.

Ambert as the leading signboard company in Dubai, UAE, not only ensures that you receive the best in the class signboards but also the finest service that keeps them intact for years. 

Our services can be categorized as following-

Signage innovations- Coping up with the changing times in vital for the development of any space. Hence as your business evolves, there emerges a need to disclose to the world regarding the development. It is not feasible to change the signboard each time for the task. But there is no need to worry when we are there for this task. 

We can easily alter your signage and include all the necessary points so that the present customers percieve that they are working with an abreast firm. Furthermore, new clients, too, will be attracted to an au courant enterprise.

Signage maintenance and repair- Our signboards are robust. However, this power comes with regular care and maintenance. Cleaning the signs is a professional job, and we are adept in it. We know the impact that clean signage has on the commuters.

We provide several maintenance programmes for our clients. You can either signal for

  1. A monthly maintenance drive
  2. A long term agreement or 
  3. we are also available on call

Even if the signage is not created by us, we do not hesitate to take the maintenance calls as we know what your business means to you. With an able team and dynamic machinery in hand, it is not a difficult task to approach any level of maintenance and alteration task.


Digital Kiosk Signage could be one of the best business strategies to be used for attracting potential customers to a business. The latest technology substitutes a sales person providing high performance and reliability in the long run. Any video content could be seen with highest resolution and can be operated from anywhere. Our Interactive kiosks engage the audience with digital content and information through a user-friendly interface. It streamlines a number of processes right from retail sales to bill payment to information sharing.

Key features of our product include:

Stylish Design – The large size of the display supported by edge-to-edge design gives an overall stylish look to our product attracting more customers to interact with the device.

Interactive Touch screen – The fast and user friendly touch screen display allow the users to touch the display to make selections and thus interact effectively with the software.

Spill Resistance – Our Interactive Digital & Advertising Kiosks in Dubai are water resistant which makes it more secure against electrical short circuit.

USB/SD Card Plug and Play – The Interactive Digital Kiosks can continuously play a content which is copied from a USB stick and plugged into the Kiosk’s ports.

Tempered Glass – Without affecting the quality, viewing angles and touch screen effectiveness of the display, the tempered glass used provides protection from scratches and accidental breakage.

Integrated Wheels – Shifting of the device becomes so easy with the integrated wheels. Position it according to the need and then retract the wheels.

Security Lock – With the use of a special key unauthorized access is blocked. No unrecognized user could tamper with programming of the signage.


The best interactive digital kiosks at your door step

Our Interactive kiosks can increase efficiency by connecting to the internet. The customizable kiosks reach a larger audience through multi-language support, ADA compliance, VoIP capabilities, and more. User experience is also improved by facilitating interaction with information which makes the Interactive digital kiosks to connect and engage users. We at Ambert provide the best Digital Signage in Dubai. With our reliable and creatively designed Interactive kiosks one is able to educate the audience about their brand.


Exhibition Display Stands portray a brand concept that inspires, engage and move audiences. Creativity and technology go hand in hand for our custom exhibition stands. Any business could make a statement with visually striking exhibition stands which can highlight a product effectively. These exhibition displays can be used for any event including exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, or seminars. The type of Display Stands that one use has a strong impact on the audience. These display stands could project a company promo or could screen product launch or show demo of the launched products. The custom stand design allows brand visibility and also engages the audience maximum.


Key features of our product include:

High Quality materials –Our exhibition display stands are uniquely made with high quality materials as per the needs of our customer for excellent presentation.

Reusable stands – Convenience with cost-efficiency is our hallmark. Made with high quality materials our exhibition stands are reusable.

Professional design – A Professional design could enhance the reputation and brand image of any business.

Modern appeal – The use of latest technology like LCD screens gives a stylish and modern appeal to our Digital Signage Display Stands.

Proper lighting – A good lighting is an important feature of any exhibition stand as it can attract more visitors to the stand.

Simplicity – A simple exhibition stand can attract more audience to visit the stand than a complex one making them understand the real purpose of it.


The best Exhibition Stand at your door step

As a pioneer Advertising Company in Dubai, we have a wide product range that can are suitable for any event. Our lightweight Exhibition Display Stands are easy to assemble and transport. It is an ideal solution for big exhibitions or promotional events which make one’s display stand out from the crowd. A stylish design could grab the attention of the potential customers and thereby give a promotional message to them. The visually appealing designs of our Custom Built Exhibition Stands create a great impression among the audience and are of great value for money. Setting up a smart exhibition stand can make the people remember a brand the most.


Acrylic Display Stands are useful for informing the audience and drawing their attention towards a brand. An impressive display could effectively merchandise a business product or service. Made from the best grade acrylic materials our products are well known for their stylish and classy finish.  Acrylic which is stronger than glass is a durable and reliable product and stands the test of time. Our catchy and attractive stands connect a brand with the audience advertising the product and getting them interested in the brand. Our wide ranges of innovative and quality Acrylic displays are technically perfect and advanced in design.

Key features of our product include:

Lightweight – A lightweight Acrylic signage is a perfect fit for displaying a brand image at the art, exhibitions or trade shows when compared to the heavy wooden stands.

Easy to Clean – Using a specialized anti-static multi-purpose cleaner, cleaning of acrylic stands becomes a simple process all times.

Inexpensive – When compared to their counterpart materials like wood, glass or metallic stands, Acrylic stands are more cost-effective as they are not prone to decay, rusting or decomposition.

Suitable for all situations – Acrylic displays are the most attractive for displaying a range of merchandise in any situations and are ideal for domestic and commercial purposes.

The best Acrylic Stand at your door step

Ambert industries provide the best and affordable 3D signage in Dubai. We offer great Custom Graphics for our customers that make the acrylic stands more eye-catching. The durable and long-lasting acrylic signs which are designed as per the requirement adds beauty to the Indoor or Outdoor. Our Acrylic Stands are in high demand in the markets for their unique features including efficiency, optimum quality and easy maintenance. As a solution provider of retail terminal display props we provide high grade acrylic boards for promotional purposes which are extensively used across different sections. Our acrylic displays are available in various sizes and specifications including Single Frame Acrylic Displays, Multi Frame Acrylic displays and Fancy acrylic Displays. Manufactured using quality tested raw materials and excellent quality craftsmanship our display stands excels in its elegant design, seamless finish and easy installation.


Automotive digital signage solutions create a digital experience for the audience to have a personal interaction with a brand. It also promotes sales growth, engage customers and motivate the sales staff. The customer needs to be updated with the latest information in the automotive industry. Company branding and services could be easily projected with the use of a digital signage. It is actually a cost-effective tool which expands a brand. Eye-catching marketing campaigns with relevant content can attract a wider audience towards a brand. Nowadays most automotive dealers are using digital signage for promoting new car models to highlighting service departments to improve showroom experience.  Digital Signage for Automotive showrooms show in detail about a vehicle’s specifications and capabilities.

Key features of our product include:

Commercial-grade Display – These kinds of displays consist of durable hardware and they offer more inputs for external device connection & interoperability.

Easy to Use Software – Easy to use software is an integral component of a digital signage solution which keeps the audience at different levels informed and engaged.

Interoperability – Interoperability among hardware, software, and media players are ensured seeking out the most universal platforms to broadcast the digital displays.

Multi-screen Support – Multiple display screens enable different content to be displayed at different times.

Network Monitoring & Reporting – The overall performance of the Digital Signage for Vehicles could be evaluated by monitoring the network health.

The best Acrylic Stand at your door step

We at Ambert provide completely customizable automotive digital signage which ensures real-time information. Promotional content can be easily shown to the customer who enters an automotive showroom. Apart from it, customers could also be informed about the updates of their vehicle. The details regarding a vehicle along with detailed specifications, photos and videos can be shown to impress the potential customers. Ambert Industries being the top Signage companies in Dubai, provides the best automotive digital signage which act as a perfect marketing strategy for brand positioning. One could prepare their customers for the next purchase using a beautiful and attractive digital signage. Moreover digital displays could create a positive image of professionalism which matters in the field.



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