Signs are not just for external usage. They play a vital role in interior architecture. We come across Internal signs daily in banks where these help to locate various counters. These can be extremely helpful provided the signage is created by an able team of professionals at leading signage companies in Dubai.

Here is how internal signs may help business houses-


Installing numerous signboards across your workspace can make navigating easier for employees and clients thus paving the way to the efficient running of the workspace.

Residential society-

In the same way, signages that depict the flat number and utility area such as restroom can be highly beneficial in a residential community.

Shopping malls-

Shopping malls too can help their visitors by installing the signboards that depict the outlets on each floor, along with other utilities as elevator, prayer room, feeding space etc.


Patients, doctors and other hospital staff can locate the rooms and other areas through strategic installation of internal signage.

Ambert Technologies LLC can create internal signage in various designs to suit your needs. Some of the designs are as under-

Modular signs- The classic modular signs are still capable of doing what they are perfect in. These are used extensively across building, banks and other places.

Flat cut letters- Letters in various metals are used to indicate the name of the brand.

Directory signs- Ths is the kind you will usually notice at shopping malls where it demonstrates the shops on each floor. These could be freestanding or mounted on walls.

Stainless steel miracles- This one screams class and is also durable due to the corrosion-resistant properties of steel.

We can work in many other designs other than the ones mentioned above.


Modular signage was introduced in the 1990s, and it has been the perfect medium of advertising since then. The highlights of modular signage are that these are highly adaptable and can be changed into various profiles suitable to your budget and requirement.

In addition to this, these are sturdy, easy to install and can be altered at any time. Now with the introduction of Infornorm that is the highest quality modular signage system, the pros have reached new heights. Ambert Technologies LLC being a responsible Digital signage company in Dubai makes sure that only the top-class materials are used for all the signage needs of our clients.

The power of infonorm lies in three simple interchangeable aluminum parts. These are the building blocks of each sign and render unmatched elegance and class to shine through any other type of signage.


The first is the base, then the cover profile slides on the base and is accompanied by removable end caps to hold the profile in position.

We prefer infonorm due to its numerous qualities and being made of the finest material is just one of them. Here are the others-

  • It is an aluminum sign system; hence it is durable and cost-effective
  • Your profiles can be anodized and painted in the colours of your choice.
  • The medium of fixation, be it screws or adhesive tape will be invisible.
  • 6mm sleek design that is everlasting
  • The panels are changeable at any time
  • the materials used for creation and installation are of high quality
  • The panels will slide beautifully even after years of installation.

We, as the leading office indoor signage company Dubai is ever ready to include our client’ whims and needs throughout the designing, creating and installing process.


Wayfinding signage is not just a signboard, but a way of life. These are directions that help a visitor to reach from one point to another. The wayfinding signages help people to navigate quickly and achieve their desired destinations.

You can easily see these at municipalities, museums, hospitals or theatres where they guide the visitors and help them reach their destination. Being able to locate the way and reach the desired point is one of the critical indications of being an oriented personality. People expect the same from business too as they must be able to guide their visitors through effective wayfinding signage. However, creating one is not as simple, as we think. It is only when you reach the right signage companies in Dubai that will lend you the confidence of guiding you and your client straight to the office.

Ambert Technologies LLC helps create way finding internal signs that not only take people to the destination but also create an impression that lasts for a lifetime.

Here are a few things that we have included in our wayfinding signs-

  • High-quality metals such as aluminum and stainless steel are used to create the signages
  • LED lights are installed for illumination so that even darkness doesn’t hinder you from reaching the goal
  • Laser cuts are extremely precise that enhance each letter individually and do not create confusion for the viewer.
  • Photos and videos are also included so that it becomes easier to find the route.
  • Different panels are coloured in various striking hues to paint a clear picture of the destination.
  • Arrows used to depict the direction are vast and bright.

At Ambert we strive to innovate on a daily basis, hence if you are looking for something ultramodern too, do visit us as we are ever ready for any experimentation.


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