Digital signage is a revolutionary step taken in the field of advertising. The ease of increasing content capabilities beyond static posters and videos to changeable content is one of the vital advantages of digital signage solutions UAE. These electronic displays are the changing face of marketing in hugely crowded areas. A restaurant digital signage is the most common kind of LED screen we witness on a daily basis since it is placed and designed in such a manner to make the customer view it from a distance. The explicit content makes sure the garner attention and keeps the viewer glued to the screen.

LED screens offer the space to deliver seamless images and scale then to desired sizes. Also, LED video wall content looks excellent from any direction.

These screens are preferred due to a lot of other advantages too that are-

  • Consume less energy and save power
  • Slim and sleek design adjustable at any space
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Offer high brightness by enhancing contrast and range of colours
  • Flicker-free images to reduce eye strain
  • Extremely durable
  • Environment friendly

Ambert Technologies LLC is the digital signage companies in Dubai who endeavour in creating both indoor and outdoor digital signages. We use the LED screens that are engineered to perfection so that they deliver what is expected out of them and stay intact for the long term. We take care to create digital signage that meets all the needs of a customer and is capable to also adhere to the evolutions of the firm.

When you scan for digital signage Dubai, remember that optimal resolution is the key to seamless content. Ambert will provide you with LED screens are an extremely affordable range without compromising on their quality.



Enterprises spend a hefty amount of money on updating the menu. Printing the menu is both time-consuming and burdensome on the pockets. Sometimes this lag brings a barrier in the introduction of new things in the menu that results in customers starting to retract and searching for other up to date outlets. However, with the introduction of the digital menu, this process has become a breeze. Hence it is a wise decision to visit a digital signage solution UAE for updating the menu and creating a seamless experience for the customer.

Digital menu is an innovation that changed the face of restaurant digital signage. Here are a few advantages of installing a digital menu in your outlet.

Easy on pocket- It will replace the traditional posters and menu; hence, you need not reprint them. One time investment is made with the digital menu, and updations are seamless with the computer in hand.

Engaging content- Think about the names of dishes in your restaurant written on a menu card and the same with mouth-watering pictures on a digital menu screen. The latter is attractive and will make customers order more.

Time-saving- Changing the options can happen in a jiffy. There is no need to run outside the store to flip the card.

Memorable to customers– A hassle-free digital menu will be etched in the customer’s memory. They will remember how seamlessly they were able to select what they needed and also your exceptional service.

These qualities are the tip of an iceberg. Digital menu is capable of doing much more than the above. Ambert Technologies LLC is a digital signage companies in Dubai who can help you with creating an engaging menu. We use high-quality LCD monitors for the purpose that are available in various sizes to suit each firm.


The present customer is mundane to smartphones and other devices. So they want the same experience at public outlets too. And why not as it will create an interactive bridge that proves beneficial for both the customer and business. Touch is everywhere, and every digital signage solutions UAE must come up with innovative facilities in this zoner.

There are innumerable benefits of installing a touch screen directory for your enterprise. Ambert Technologies LLC works in creating touch screen directory that is of the finest quality with viable prices. Here is all we as your digital signage companies in Dubai have to offer.

Customer-friendly- We create a user-friendly touch screen interface with enlarged pictures and clear instructions that demonstrate the methods of using it. Hence your customers will love to stay by its side and return for the next turn.

Easy updations- A few clicks on your computer screen can update the touch screen directory, and the users will receive the current content.

Easy installations- All the pre-installation works are adhered to at our workspace. You only need to plug it, and it is ready to go.

Addition information- added pieces of data can be displayed on the screen. Scrolling beneath the tabs or by the sides, these are visible to the users, and they know everything that is happening in the respective industry. Live weather reports can also be displayed so that the users are aware and

Add-ons- We can also install added benefits such as a phone or other devices that will cater to further needs of the user.

Return on investment- As you invest in a kiosk, it starts to redeem itself by increasing user interactivity, subsequently adding to the profits.

We provide all these perks at reasonable rates.


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